Hublab - Palaexpo Roma / Homo Sapiens

Palaexpo Roma / Homo Sapiens

July 2011

Homo Sapiens Exhibition


Concept design and interactive installations for an interactive and multimedia exhibition “Homo Sapiens” regarding human evolution, organized by Luca Cavalli Sforza and Telmo Pievani for Codice Edizioni.

The installations conveyed both educational and scientific educational and scientific contents, concentrating on a young and proactive target.

Hublab - 3
Hublab - 2

The exhibition was divided in four areas, each covering a different type of content, with its own story and specific data. This approach solved also several logistic problems, due to the great flow of people not always very disciplined, because of the young age of the target. After the Rome exhibition, the four exhibits were transferred also to Trento and Novara.

Design and software development: Limiteazero (Paolo Rigamonti, Alessandro Capozzo, Silvio Mondino)

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