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Hublab / Hublab Edition

September 2010

A talent promotion publishing House


From 2007 to 2010, Hublab Edition followed several projects and events promoting some contemporary Italian artistic talents: designers (graphic design, media design, etc.), photographers, illustrators. It also followed the selection of scientific researches (Italian Applications), with an immediate application, created by Italian researchers or foreign ones, living in Italy. Every project became an exhibition or a performance.

The supporting axis of its vision and mission are summarized inside its name: hub, as the fulcrum, the meeting place for individual and collective capabilities, for exchanging knowledge; and lab, as strategic and vital laboratory of ideas, research and art, and their application.

The books, the DVDs, the exhibitions, the performances, focus on the selection and promotion of the great amount of individual talents that can be found among the new generations, available today on the territory and almost never seen on media.  A local and global identity, together and at the same time.

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