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February 2012

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Concept development and management


Demetria cafè, operative from 2007 to 2012, was a meeting place where small selected manufacturers could present their products. The objective was to present non-perishable food products, preferably organic or biodynamic, presenting their stories (territory, characteristics, agri-food chain) and highlighting the peculiar characteristics both of the product as of the producers (history, entrepreneurial choices, manufacturing process, distribution, ethic values).

It was a linking point between conscious purchasers and responsible entrepreneurs. Demetria intended to be a quality, price conscious alternative for those people who think of food as a journey of the belly and of the mind. It offered advantages to the purchasers but it was also an important resource for serious producers, who liked to follow the specific vocations and characteristics of their territories.

Demetria’s products have gone through a strict research and selection among the folds of our amazing country, Italy, which in the last ten years has seen a great increase in the research, processes and food products, mostly among the smaller producers, which wonderfully represent the (bio) diversity of our territory.

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