Hublab - EXPO 2015 / Città del Vaticano

EXPO 2015 / Città del Vaticano

April 2015

“Fate Questo". Feeding, Sharing, Witnessing


An iconographic, both photographic and video, both individual and collective contribution through a call for proposal that, rooting from the wealth of communities, associations and parishes will focus on the different meaning, even symbolic, of the table. The project, avoiding the use of the word and using images through their power of synthesis, wants to give a real time contemporary witness of the reflections of the contributors through a language that, like the art codes, could overcome the cultural backgrounds of the visitors. Without flattening the received contents, we endorse the active participation and biodiversity with a universal and accessible language that today is granted by the pervasiveness of technologies, from the smartphone to any other photographic device. We want the visitor to be the real focus of the installation, bringing his faith in the stream of history, with its commitment and his personal experience. An interactive table that is both symbol and living material, meal and convivium, cultural nourishment and food for the planet. An element that represents an individual and communal efforts against the malnutrition and food disparities.

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