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La Triennale di Milano /

October 2013

“There’s no Innovation without an Invention, but there are many inventions that aren’t innovative. Innovation consists in socializing technological inventions, which on their behalf are the result of scientific discoveries.”

Bernard Stiegler

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Concept e content design


The 2013 “National innovation Award” created by Cotec, is one of the sensors of the health status of the Italian production system.

Establishing the extension of Italian innovation is rather difficult due to its well-known fragmentation, also for geographic reasons. For simplicity, the tacit knowledge gradient is usually related to social-geographic dynamics (districts, clusters etc…)

For this edition, the study of the contents and themes was thoroughly expressed with a temporary installation, designed with modular criteria, for the presentation of audio-video contents on the most innovative Italian companies.

Exhibition design and creative coding: Limiteazero (Paolo Rigamonti and Alessandro Capozzo).

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