Hublab - EXPO 2015 /Padiglione Italia

EXPO 2015 /
Padiglione Italia

April 2012

Ideas for the Italian Pavilion’s contents


The former president commissioned the project at the beginning of 2010. The contents were structured following a general criteria which included several themes, among which the knowledge and culture of food, the universal biodiversity, and a series of themes relating to the role of Italy in the culture of food throughout the world. Most importantly, Hublab outlined a widespread view of food technologies and equipment that sees Italy as one of the world’s leaders in this field. Together with the analysis of the relationship between landscape and food habits, outlining different cities according to their food distribution locations (i.e. squares, markets) through history arriving at last, at more wealthy living conditions that generate longer life expectation and a better quality of life. These are all necessary conditions for longevity and for the circulation of a widespread culture of the entitlement to the accessibility of food.

Hublab - expo-2015

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