Hublab - National Geographic /Panopticon

National Geographic /

October 2012

Exhibit for a National Geographic retail store in London


Together with the design and project of the first National Geographic Store we were commissioned a series of exhibits for the London offices, including all the hardware and software development.

The project draws its inspiration from the Greek Mythology Argo panoptes: a giant with a hundred eyes, which was considered a great guardian.

Hublab - panopticon_07_big

Panopticon was used as a model for the creation of an ideal prison in the late 18th century, under suggestion of the philosopher Jeremy Bentham, then as a metaphor of the invisible power by later philosophers and thinkers.

On the contrary, the store’s aim is to offer an extensive view, taken from the vast National Geographic archive, together with the vast assortment of the new apparel and retail collection.


Design and software development:  Limiteazero (Paolo Rigamonti, Silvio Mondino) collaboratori, Nico Angelone
Production:  Tinker,  Cory Burr
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Hublab - panopticon_03_big

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