Hublab - Prelios / Magnete Milano

Prelios / Magnete Milano

April 2015

A leap in the city’s future. A project for the redevelopment of the Pavilion 1 and 2 of Fiera Milano at Portello

Magnete Milano.  An attractor for activities, technology and innovation. The central idea for the assignment of the new role played by the pavilions 1 and 2 is the result of the different meanings that can be attributed to the words activities, accessibility and behavioral recurrence. Accessibility as a group of features and activities requiring the visitors’ personal involvement, which become the real actors. Even the location itself becomes an attractor and dispenser of contemporaneity. A real magnet for activating the appropriate innovation and technology for a contemporary Milan.


Hublab - logo DEF magnete-01
It’s a magnet because it wants to attract activities and features which characterize this turn of the millennium.
It’s a magnet because it wants to add another center to the city.
It’s a magnet because it wants to connect one of the “green routes”.
It’s a magnet because it holds together the neighborhood and the city, and welcomes all foreigners.


Hublab - Magnete02

The requalification project was designed to stimulate visitors at different levels, with a series of recurring activities connected to the project itself: from the health services, effective, quick, mostly day hospital services, to the digital activities in the technological park

The project is characterized by a social and active vision, especially if compared to the sales activities of a mall, identified by a never passive, proactive attitude. Most part of the activities represent a playful experience, but there will also be a welcoming area and health services, for a complete, lively and consistent offer.

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