Hublab - Biticino / Innovative office solutions

Biticino / Innovative office solutions

March 2011

Front Office Project


Integrated and modular system of the working station

The project included the analysis and definition of the reference scheme for the design and modification of the “office” environment. 

The transformation of the working locations and models runs in parallel with the financialization financing of the economy, and with the progressive change of the working models mainly due to the major use and access to new technologies.

Hublab - bticino copia


Supporting and identifying innovative concepts, capable of responding in an adequate way to the needs of the different targets and at the same time capitalize the company’s expertise. With a wide selection of experiences and skills already available for designing and creating integrated systems for future jobs, new product ranges and adequate solutions for the ongoing and future changes. The last part of the project concentrated on a series of concept designs created by Hublab.


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